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I read books, watch too much TV, and sing showtunes in the shower.


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Hi. I go by either Sue or Taylor - take your pick. Truly, either is fine with me. I'm a 30-something based in Pennsylvania. My pronouns are either she/her or they/them. I read books, watch too much TV, and sing showtunes in the shower.


About this site

My interests can be quite varied. One of the things I enjoy doing is writing about my interests online, in blog form. And because my interests are so all over the place, it didn't feel right to start just one blog - people who are interested in what I have to say about Star Trek, for example, might not care what I have to say about a musical (maybe there are a few people who do, but I think they're probably the minority). Consequently, I opted to start several blogs in different niches. Perhaps some will fizzle out and die, perhaps others will continue. In any case, at the present moment, I am responsible for multiple blogs. What can I say? It's an interest of mine. The purpose of this page is to serve as a landing page of sorts; it's a place I can send people so that they can get a sense of what I'm working on. You can find a list of blogs I'm working on to the right, as well as a sign up form for my TinyLetter.



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